North-West Frontier Province

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North-West Frontier Province

(Placename) a province in N Pakistan between Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir: part of British India from 1901 until 1947; of strategic importance, esp for the Khyber Pass. Capital: Peshawar. Pop: 20 170 000 (2003 est). Area: 74 522 sq km (28 773 sq miles)

North′-West` Frontier′ Prov`ince

a province in NW Pakistan. 14,340,000; 28,773 sq. mi. (74,522 sq. km). Cap.: Peshawar.
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Abdul Jalil, head of Pachaghan Dara clinic, in Afghania Dara had been killed by unidentified men, locals said.
The word 'Pakistan' is made up of the initial letters of Punjab, Afghania - the North-West frontier province - Kashmir and Sind, and the ending stan - land.
As they were talking in their native language, it was hard for me to grab much of it, but the names of places such as Wakhan, Afghania, Islam, Nato, Taliban were comprehendible.
Alternatives included Pashtunistan, Pakhtunkhwa and Afghania.
He said that firstly PML-N suggested Abaseen but now thinking over Afghania.
Fourteen years before the division of what we used to call India, Rahmat Ali combined the Urdu word Pak, meaning spiritually pure, with Stan, meaning land, and wrote a pamphlet advocating the union of Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Tukharistan and Afghanistan - names that create the acronym Pakistan.
Launched three days ago, the operation in Afghania and Ghain valleys has ended, police spokesman Maj.
Ironically, believers in the thesis that Afghanistan provides Pakistan with strategic depth are so scared of this shared bond that they had vetoed Afghania - represented by the letter 'A' in the word Pakistan - as the new name for the province previously known as NWFP.
The issue was raised by late Bacha Khan with late General Ziaul Haq, who had offered to give a name to the nameless province, but later Gen Zia did not accept any of the three names Pakhtoonistan, Afghania and Pakhtoonkhawa, which compelled Bacha Khan to abandon negotiations with the then martial law administrator.
ISLAMABAD, March 27, 2010 (Frontier Star ): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has agreed over the name of Afghania for NWFP.
The would-be suicide attackers had been arrested from Yakabagh Afghania area on the outskirts of Shiberghan, the provincial capital, the deputy governor told Pajhwok Afghan News.
During this period, certain informal names like Frontier, Pakhtunkhwa, Sarhad, Pukhtoonistan and Afghania were also used.

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