adv.1.Level with the ground; flat.
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AFLAT fire which killed two men could not have been started by an electrical fault in a tumble dryer, experts for the machine's manufacturers have told an inquest.
20) A cazut cerulpe ei: 19 ieseni care se credeau sanatoci au aflat ca au hepatita C.
Contract award notice: Servicii de revizie/reparatie destinate mentenantei elicopterului tip EC 155 B Dauphin, aflat in administrarea RA APPS.
She will play Liszt's "Un Sospiro," Chopin's "Heroic" Polonaise in AFlat Major, Debussy's "Feux d' Artifice" and Gershwin's Three Preludes.
Abordarea ecologico-sociala, care reprezinta substratul teoretic al Cluburilor persoanelor cu probleme de alcool, reprezinta un concept dinamic, aflat intr-o continua schimbare si evolutie in raport cu noutatile din cercetare, precum si cu experienta acumulata.
When taking inflation into account, that's aflat market.
During the campaign, it argued for the continuation of the austerity measures, and for the retention of the 10 percent aflat taxa.
39 [degrees] to N/A N/A Temp 104 [degrees]F (4 [degrees to 40 [degrees] Gender Genderless Male/Female N/A Key * Pull tabs act as * Uniform * Aflat upper Features a protective soldercup surface and cover, reducing orientation, tape-and-reel part complexity which makes it packaging and ensure easy to solder simultaneous cable or removal of both discrete wires membranes to the pins by eliminating the need to manipulate the wires or the connector to solder each wire * An audible * Brass pins * Hafogen-free, confirmation and receptacle as defined by (Colder click) of shells that IEC61249-2-21, assembly are machined the connectors to precision have a current tolerances rating of 0.
in: Aspecte ale asistenlei bolnavului aflat in stadiu terminal.
Spitkovsky, 3 X 3 matrices with aflat portion on the boundary of the numerical range, Linear Algebra Appl.
Both have textured heads with chip-proof paint and aflat bottom to sit straight up on the bottom.
In calitate de comandant al Brigazii 6 Cavalerie, generalul Aurel Racovita s-a aflat in fruntea marii unitati, cand, la 23 iunie 1941, s-a dat celebrul ordin de trecere a Prutului (Generalul Aurel Racovita s-a stins din viata la 24 iunie 1957).