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Any of a group of toxic compounds produced by certain molds, especially Aspergillus flavus, that contaminate stored food supplies such as animal feed and peanuts.

[New Latin A(spergillus) flā(vus), species name (aspergillus + Latin flāvus, yellow; see flavo-) + toxin.]
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(Botany) a toxin produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus growing on peanuts, maize, etc, causing liver disease (esp cancer) in man
[C20: from A(spergillus) fla(vus) + toxin]
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(ˌæf ləˈtɒk sɪn)

any of several toxins produced by soil fungi of the genus Aspergillus (commonly A. flavus), sometimes contaminating peanuts and stored grains.
[1960–65; A(spergillus)fla(vus) (species name; see aspergillus, flavin) + toxin]
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Noun1.aflatoxin - a potent carcinogen from the fungus Aspergillusaflatoxin - a potent carcinogen from the fungus Aspergillus; can be produced and stored for use as a bioweapon
bioarm, biological weapon, bioweapon - any weapon usable in biological warfare; "they feared use of the smallpox virus as a bioweapon"
mycotoxin - a toxin produced by a fungus
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n aflatoxina
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