adv. & a.1.Flowing.
Their founts aflow with tears.
- R. Browning.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Aflow simulation using solid works software for the suggested rotary nozzle was shown in Fig.12.
It is up to us all to engage our enduring border-waters on an ever more profound level, setting out from the shallow breakers along our beaches to enter (and account for) abyssal depths aflow with the bones and memorials of those who went there ahead of us.
A peristaltic pump (Ismatec, Switzerland) was used to propel the incubated mixture (ammonium iron(III) sulfate (0.02 M) in HCl (0.15 M) containing thiram and nabam standards, temperature (60oC) at aflow rate of 2.8 mL min.
The Xflow series includes the Aflow, Mflow and Crow systems, each with features designed to deliver value to a specific range of customers.
ACOS, aFleX, aXAPI, aVCS, Virtual Chassis, SoftAX, SmartFlow, aFlow, aGalaxy and aPlatform are registered trademarks of A10 Networks.
The wine was aflow and food a-plenty and, just before the remaining few carousers were ejected from the premises, a debate over the taboo subject of institutional racism broke out, which saw ambitious young Labour cabinet member Nick Small "prodded" in the back of the head by Princes Park councillor Anna Rothery.
The Cflow is an extrusion plastometer from Zwick which has been added alongside the Mflow and Aflow instruments (British Plastics & Rubber, February 2010, page 7).
The Aflow extrusion plastometer uses cutting-edge force, instead of the usual weights, to control stepless adjustment of test loads up to 50 kg and deliver faster, more reliable melt index determination, the company says, and the roboTest H robotic testing system delivers automated Charpy or Izod impact tests on room-temperature and cooled plastics specimens with "safe, reliable transport of the specimen to the support, together with automatic specimen alignment and hammer release."
The new Aflow extrusion plastometer (melt indexer) from Zwick Roell (U.S.
He lends his mind's eye to catch life aflow but not lost, force marrying form in the Falls' unmoving roar, fastened there: the rocks silent but the water, married to the stone, voluble, though frozen.
To us it is a sacred thing and therefore doomed to die, unless the Americans, whose genius is so much happier in the making of new words than in the disposition of the old, will come to our help and set the springs aflow."