adv. & a.1.In a foaming state; as, the sea is all afoam.
References in classic literature ?
Well, this old great-grandfather, with the white head and hump, runs all afoam into the pod, and goes to snapping furiously at my fast-line.
Tenders are invited for firefighting skid unit specifications: 13 horsepower electric-start pump, delivering at least 60 gpm at 130 psi; 200 gallon water tank, poly tank with baffles; "around the pump" class afoam system; 5 gallon foam tank; electric rewind hose reel, with guide rollers; 150~ of 3/4 inch booster hose; self-priming pump;
Pour paint into asmall tray and use afoam gloss roller to f create asuper-smooth look.