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Continental Managing Director Afonso Ritzmann will stay on and retains a 40% interest in Continental.
These statements were made during the signing of the protocol that allows the Museum of Contemporary Art Nadir Afonso to receive a permanent exhibition of works of the National Museum of Chiado and two temporary between 2019 and 2020 in Chaves.
Video production company Newsmaker PR, based in Cramlington in Northumberland, was given access by the Portuguese navy to film the sinking of the corvette Afonso Cerqueira to create an artificial reef off Madeira.
Producer Andrew and cameraman Ross Marshall went onboard the Afonso Cerqueira after she had been towed into position 400 metres offshore and 24 hours before the operation to sink her.
Alguns passos foram seguidos para a realizacao da instrucao ao sosia (MUNIZOLIVEIRA, 2015): envio de e-mail ao estudante voluntario (nome indicado por uma professora, apos conversa com a turma do 8 periodo de Letras da referida universidade) que aqui chamaremos ficticiamente de Afonso (6), convidando-o para participar da instrucao ao sosia; envio de outro e-mail para explicar alguns aspectos dela e agendamento de um horario para a sua realizacao.
Two of the positions were made permanent this month, with tenants Carolann Byrne working in the store as a customer service advisor and Afonso Luyeye in the warehouse as a driver and white goods engineer.
BORO'S record transfer Afonso Alves has retired from professional football.
Summary: With the procedures to start the privatization process, Afonso Lobato Faria president of EaAuguas de Portugal for the waste sector stated that between 2012 and 2014
Some veterinarians stress the need for genotype-matched vaccines--those containing genes from the virulent virus, says microbiologist Claudio Afonso at the Agricultural Research Service's Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (SEPRL) in Athens, Georgia.
AFONSO DE SOUSA can gain swift compensation for an unlucky outing last Saturday with victory in the Conditions Stakes at Kempton.
AFONSO DE SOUSA can gain swift A can gain swift compensation for an unlucky outing last Saturday with victory in the Conditions Stakes at Kempton.
Afonso and her husband, Joseph, of Jefferson; five grandchildren, Cory and John Comeau, Steven and Grace Booth and Albert Afonso; her three brothers, Rick, Peter and Robert de Mello; and many nieces and nephews.