Afonso I

A·fon·so I

(ə-fōN′so͞o) Also known as Afonso Henriques 1110?-1185.
King of Portugal (1139-1185) who won independence from León and Castile, fought Muslim forces, and proclaimed the first Portuguese kingdom (1139).
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Afonso is such a good finisher, you are stunned when he doesn't put it away and Chris Riggott had a header cleared off the line before then.
Strikers tend to score their goals in runs, and Afonso is no different.
"Afonso is still a longwayfrom where he wants to be in terms of his match fitness.
Albano Afonso is one of the more interesting artists who emerged on the Brazilian scene in the early '90s.
Although Afonso is not so surprised that his daughters are capable of putting on a comedy instead of grieving in a more orthodox fashion, he is horrified to learn that his house is to be the venue.
"We've got a lot of games over Christmas and Afonso is sure to get plenty of chances."
We know what Afonso is capable of doing, and that's why we will continue to support him.
Mr Afonso is believed to have been working on a farm in Banks.
"Afonso is an experienced enough player not to let something like that affect him.
"However, Afonso is capable of scoring against any team.
"Afonso is still a long way from where he wants to be in terms of his match fitness.