a.1.Named or quoted before.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'We are elated that the members of the council are unanimous in expressing their continued support to the aforecited projects and initiatives of the department,' she said.
"The transfer of funds to NCMF for the purpose of sending IDPs to Mecca to attend the Hajj was contrary to the aforecited provisions of PD (Presidential Decree) 1445 and 2018 GAA (General Appropriations Act), considering that said activity was not in accordance with the purpose for which the Task Force Bangon Marawi funds [were] intended for," the COA report read.
For example, in the aforecited study, a limited number of participants (only twelve assigned to the inertial load) used a basic isolation exercise (leg extension using the YOYO leg-extensor flywheel) instead of a closed-chain exercise (e.g., squat) that requires simultaneous mobility and stability contributions of numerous structures to ensure optimal functioning.
"It is plain from the aforecited provisions of law and jurisprudence that the writ of amparo and writ of habeas data are available only to natural persons, not juridical persons," the comment pointed out.
The law also provides that whenever both the landowner and the builder/planter/sower are in good faith (or in bad faith, pursuant to the aforecited provision), the landowner is given two options under Article 448 of the Civil Code, namely: (a) he may appropriate the improvements for himself after reimbursing the buyer (the builder in good faith) the necessary and useful expenses under Articles 546 and 548 of the Civil Code; or (b) he may sell the land to the buyer, unless its value is considerably more than that of the improvements, in which case, the buyer shall pay reasonable rent.
The aforecited theories were the bases in developing the CC STDEA training modules.
On the back of the aforecited literature and practice, let's consider if the price stability in contrast to the existing monetary stability framework allows an objective basis for conduct, evaluation and communication of the monetary policy.
international arena, in compliance of aforecited provisions of the TEU
Even though the question of limitation fades away in the light of the fundamental jurisdictional question in these cases, we are of the considered view that on the basis of statutory provisions noted above, the question of limitation settled in the aforecited cases needs to be revisited.
Moreover, the faction suggested: 1) to transform current 33% of the shares of Kyrgyzstan into 50% of the shares without creation of a joint venture; 2) in the case of creation of the joint venture, 67% of the shares should be owned by Kyrgyzstan and 33% - by Centerra Gold Inc.; 3) in case of failure to adopt the aforecited options by Centerra Gold Inc., to unilaterally denounce all joint agreement and nationalize the Kumtor gold mine.
also presents the aforecited typical ring-like behavior; see the long-dashed gold line in Figure 3.
The darker sides of the French capital, so seldom treated by critics, were the seeds of Hemingway's first full-length text, and though what we read in the published version has the aforecited passages excised, the chapters area creative interaction with the man's past and present senses of his cultural reality, interpreted through "Hem" and, later, Jake Bames.