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a.1.Goīng before; foregoing.
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Also Resolved that the Hon'ble Council shall be and hereby are Impowered to call the General Court together at any time sooner than the time to which said Court shall stand adjourned, if they judge it necessary for the publick safety The aforegoing powers to Continue in the Council until the next Setting of the General Court and no longer.
Due to the aforegoing, the initiative could not be finalised in time for 8 September 2010 or in advance of the general meeting referred to in paragraph 5 below.
There is another persistent strand in Coetzee criticism that brings to bear on his texts the concepts of continental philosophy, the purpose being twofold: to prise the texts from a too-localised context of reception thus shifting the emphasis from Coetzee as South African writer to Coetzee as world writer; second, and related to the aforegoing, to defend Coetzee against would-be antagonists who have attacked the author's political commitments.
In view of the aforegoing, the overwhelming purchase of globalisation, evident among other things in the compression of time and space, illustrates how the distance of Western economic powers does not reduce their influence on the postcolonial states.
Be it remembered that on the 1st day of September in the year of our Lord 1748 David Hart executor of the Testament and last Will of Isaac Levy deceased appeared before me Goldsbrow Banyar and made an oath on the Five Books of Moses that the aforegoing Writing Contains a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods chattels and Credits of the said Isaac Levy as far as hath come into his Hands Possessions or Knowledge or into the Hands or Possession of any Person or Persons in Trust for him.