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a.1.Named before.
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The Willis Barnstone Translation Prize — judged by the aforenamed poet-translator Willis Barnstone — offers $1,000 to a translated work of poetry:
In spite of the aforenamed limitations, our results were in accordance with those reported in other studies, (27-28) namely that the FAST can be reliably performed by non-radiologists after a fairly short and effortless period of training, with excellent results.
To find out the best one among aforenamed four algorithms, model quality criteria like coefficient of determination (R2%), adjusted coefficient of determination (Adj-R2%), coefficient of variation (CV%), SD ratio (the ratio of SD of errors to SD of the actual dependent variable values), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Relative Approximation Error (RAE) and the Pearson correlation between actual and predicted values were estimated.
When the aforenamed individuals had gathered, and everything had been settled by the neighboring landholders, .