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In this Afric Temple of the Whale I leave you, reader, and if you be a Nantucketer, and a whaleman, you will silently worship there.
Only deign to sit and eat." He spake no dream; for, as his words had end, Our Saviour, lifting up his eyes, beheld, In ample space under the broadest shade, A table richly spread in regal mode, With dishes piled and meats of noblest sort And savour--beasts of chase, or fowl of game, In pastry built, or from the spit, or boiled, Grisamber-steamed; all fish, from sea or shore, Freshet or purling brook, of shell or fin, And exquisitest name, for which was drained Pontus, and Lucrine bay, and Afric coast.
And now his heart Distends with pride, and hardning in his strength Glories: For never since created man, Met such imbodied force, as nam'd with these Could merit more then that small infantry Warr'd on by Cranes: though all the Giant brood Of PHLEGRA with th' Heroic Race were joyn'd That fought at THEB'S and ILIUM, on each side Mixt with auxiliar Gods; and what resounds In Fable or ROMANCE of UTHERS Son Begirt with BRITISH and ARMORIC Knights; And all who since, Baptiz'd or Infidel Jousted in ASPRAMONT or MONTALBAN, DAMASCO, or MAROCCO, or TREBISOND, Or whom BISERTA sent from AFRIC shore When CHARLEMAIN with all his Peerage fell By FONTARABBIA.
By him I'll be great emperor of the world, And make a bridge thorough the moving air, To pass the ocean with a band of men; I'll join the hills that bind the Afric shore, And make that country continent to Spain, And both contributary to my crown: The Emperor shall not live but by my leave, Nor any potentate of Germany.
The Saxon, born of ages of cultivation, command, education, physical and moral eminence; the Afric, born of ages of oppression, submission, ignorance, toil and vice!
He said the Milk Afric dairy project was a clear indication of the commitment of government to develop Lobatse.
Marizanne Kapp, Masabata Klaas, and Tumi Sekhukhune bagged a wicket each for South Afric
It represents the collective interests of its members which are AEMCOR, Afric Oil (Pty) Ltd, Bahlaloga Technology's, BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, Brent Oil (Pty) Ltd, Camel Fuels (Pty) Ltd, Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Easigas (Pty) Ltd, Elegant Fuels, Engen Petroleum Ltd, Gulfstream (Pty) Ltd, Imbizo Petroleum Traders (Pty) Ltd, Khulaco (Pty) Ltd, Mabele Fuels (Pty) Ltd, Makwande Energy Trading (Pty) Ltd, MBT Petroleum (Pty) Ltd, Oryx Oil South Africa (Pty) Ltd, PetroSA (Pty) Ltd, Royale Energy Ltd, Sasol Ltd, Shell SA (Pty) Ltd, Siyanda Petroleum, Total South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Totalgaz Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Summary: Emerging markets in Africa are leading the way for foreign investment into the continent, according to speakers at an Afric...
Khartoum, Oct.8 (SUNA) -- The Council of Defense chaired by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher reviewed in its meeting, Monday, the positive developments in the Horn of Afric Region which will strengthen peace and establish he joint relations.
IOC President Thomas Bach said, 'It is time for Afric',Africa is the home of many successful and prominent Olympic athletes.