black studies

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black′ stud′ies

a program of studies in black history and culture offered by a school or college.
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Thus, there is no effort to enhance the particulars of Africology or the two units in academe (Temple University and Eastern Michigan University) named the 'Department of Africology and African American Studies".
In other words, I think it would be useful to hold everyone to the kinds of standards one has to meet in African American studies. For in African American studies, the significance of race is a given, the specific period essential, the region complicated but all-important, and the challenge of dealing with local manifestations of national concerns (including local and regional laws) insistent.
Dr Richards served as chair of African American Studies and interim director of the Programme of African Studies at Northwestern's Weinberg College of Liberal Arts, as well as a professor of performance studies and theatre in the School of Communication.
In consideration of the early years of African American Studies and the forerunners who built the discipline in mainstream institutions, I feel a consideration of how the ways intellectuals and scholars have contributed to social change often goes unnoticed or unappreciated.
My involvement in the community as an activist attracted me to the African American Studies Discipline.
Driskell: Artist And Scholar" is an enthusiastically recommended and substantive addition to academic library African American Studies and American Art History reference collections.
Sudhir Venkatesh, professor of sociology and African American studies at Columbia University, Gang Leader for a Day, research on crime, urban poverty, and immigration, to Ann Godoff at Penguin Press, at auction, by Suzanne Gluck at William Morris Agency.
Among its many attributes, Writing African American Women includes a selected bibliography, a time line, contributor biographies, extensive cross-references, and a comprehensive index, making this accessible resource ideal for researchers in African American studies, history, women's studies, and a medley of other disciplines.
Ultimately, however, in drawing attention to the very existence of these magazines, this book contributes to both African American studies and women's studies and will be useful to scholars looking for insight into the day-to-day experience of African American women as readers, consumers, and business people in the postbellum period.
The African American Studies Center will be the first implementation on the platform.
Mary Pattillo, author and associate professor of sociology and African American Studies at Northwestern University, believes that shopping choices for blacks should improve.

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