African honeybee

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Af′rican hon′eybee

a small, highly mobile honeybee, Apis mellifera adansonii, of S Africa, that swarms readily when disturbed and is capable of stinging repeatedly. Compare Africanized honeybee.
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adansonii as the African honeybee which has an inconvenient aggressive behaviour which is only compensated by its large honey output when in tropical climate, while Hussein [27] described A.
African honeybee traits such as resistance to diseases and pests, survival to harsh tropical conditions, foraging, and defensive behaviors are of agricultural value and they influence pollination and hive productivity either directly or indirectly [30-33].
Termite mounds as nesting sites for colonies of the African honeybee. South African Bee J.
For the same variable Stort (1971; 1975a) recorded a mean time o f3.15 seconds for African honeybee colonies and 12.86 seconds for africanized ones.

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