African pepper

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the Guinea pepper. See under Guinea.

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The African pepper is 1000 times stronger than the jalapeno.
The tracks are "Beautiful Girl", "Turbo Diesel", "Balkan Caravan", "Boom Bang", "Disco Mayhem", "Chocolate", "Gipsy Life", "Wild Horse", "Trumpet and Man", "Gipsy House", "Whistle", "From Han to Cannes", "Funky Girl", "African Pepper", "Boban's Fairytale" and "Remix (Radio Edit)".
Brewed with lemon zest and Grains of Paradise, a centuries-old exotic African pepper, Samuel Adams Summer Ale is created to spice up any warm-weather occasion, including backyard barbeques and beach parties, say officials at the Boston-based brewer.
Harissa paste: This hot North African pepper paste - a more-ish mix of red chillies, herbs, spices and oil - can be used instead of fresh chillies, lazy chilli, paprika, cayenne or even curry powder or paste.
It is commonly known as "African pepper", "Ethiopian pepper" or "Guinea pepper" and locally known as "Komba".
The essential oil of spice tree "African pepper" dried fruits from Cameroon contains more than 100 identified volatiles, and the main components are Beta-pinene (18%), terpinen-4-ol (8.9%), sabinene (7.2%), alpha-terpineol (4.1%), 1,8-cineole (2.5%), mytenol (2.4%) and kaurane derivatives (4.2%) (Jirovetz et al., 2005) , while Tatsadjien et al., 2003 fruits essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation (yield 2.5%) from plants growing in Cameroon contain Beta-pinene (18.3%), terpinen-4-ol (8.9%), sabinene (7.2%), alpha-phellandrene (7.1%), alpha-terpineol (4.1%) and trans-Beta-ocimene (3.1%).
Capsicums, including the capsicum annuum, is commonly referred to as "African pepper," "African red pepper," or "Guinea pepper"--Guinea being a traditional geographic term from the times of the Transatlantic trade, denoting the African continent in general.
African pepper is also included for its stimulating properties, which is known as an aphrodisiac and sexual behavior stimulant.
Varieties include: Paradise Oil Original (a certified-organic trio of macadamia nut, coconut and red palm oils), Paradise African Pepper Oil (with African grains of paradise, guinea pepper and bird's eye chilies) and Paradise Decadent Vanilla Oil (with pure, certified-organic vanilla bean).
mSEASONED PIONEERS has added two new spice blends to its range - West African Pepper Seasoning and Gujarati Masala.
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