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Centered or focused on Africa or African peoples, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence: "a string of small black-owned art galleries in Los Angeles's Afrocentric cultural district" (Kristal Brent Zook).

Af′ro·cen′trism n.
Af′ro·cen′trist adj. & n.


(ˌæf roʊˈsɛn trɪk)
centered on Africa or on African-derived cultures, as those of Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti: Afrocentric art.
Af`ro•cen′trism, n.
Af`ro•cen′trist, n.
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value issues, (3) aesthetics issues of value--isolated by seven senses of the Afrocentrist approach, e.
North American and European researchers working in fields such as women's studies, political science, sociology, literature, cultural studies, communication studies, anthropology, and philosophy tackle various areas, beginning with theorizing and expanding on issues that have shaped the field, such as Afrocentrist and postmodernist discourses on blackness and disability studies in multicultural studies.
The Afrocentrist would argue that there is a misappropriation of culture that leads to poor cultural esteem but has nothing to do with the arguments for or against self-esteem issues.
1) In the United States, an influential strain of the revivalist approach can be found in the work of Afrocentrist writers such as Molefi Asante.
All of the songs on BourgieBohoPostPomoAfroHomo reflect the space that we were in around trying to create an album that spoke to our varied experiences as African "diasporics": gay, bisexual, and later transgender, rural, urban, suburban, poor, middle class, post-grad, mixed race, Afrocentrist, HIV-positive, parent, etc.
King in his speech, but will interpret his dream against three different background sets of ideas that generate three separate dreams-the Individualist Dream, the Nationalist Dream and the Afrocentrist Dream.
They include the absence of scholarly unanimity over the exact nature of philosophy and, by extension, African philosophy; the dispute over the beginning of philosophy in Ancient Egypt, as well as the Afrocentrist assertion of the origin of Greek philosophy in Egypt; the problem of periodization; the status of ethnophilosophy, and so forth.
Asa Hilliard III, a professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta and a leader in the Afrocentrist movement, was "widely lauded around town as a distinguished scholar and role model for young blacks" (p.
These enable the articulation of a principle of conflict within the agent's work of recomposition: in 1987 and 1990, the Anthony Griffin and Marcellus Francois affairs triggered the creation of AKAX (Also Known As X), an autonomist and Afrocentrist youth association, whose socio-political work was aimed at community reconstruction on the basis of racial rather than ethnic solidarity.
I personally think that rebutting the Afrocentrist slanders is a waste of time, but the task is done, even though no opinions will be changed on either side.
The supremacy of interpretation over evidence reaches its apogee in the Afrocentrist debate.
To display their impartiality, they offer some criticisms of claims by American Afrocentrist propagandists that African society is superior to European society and was, via ancient Egypt's influence on Greece, the true founder of Western civilization.