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Any of several forms of popular music that combine various African music styles with elements of Western popular music, often with electronically amplified instrumentation.
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Afropop singer Wendy Addo, popularly known as Wendy Shay has acquired a Jeep Wrangler which has her name customized on it.
Puppy Love, an EP which consists of 6 tracks categorized in the Afropop and R&B genres talks about the feelings of love, romance, and infatuation experienced and felt by the 3 adolescents who make up the group.
Not to be boxed into genre-specific beats, his distinctive methodology of producing has allowed him to break new talent, notably, 19-year-old singer, Flash, with the contemporary dance infused Afropop song 'Get Up'.
In an attempt to unite R and B, Afropop, reggae fusion and pop music as well as celebrate black diversity, we witness GoldLink explore in his selection of guest appearances.
figure By ABIGAIL ARUNGA Hulda Adhiambo Serro is a singer, songwriter and performer, out to tell the African story through her Benga and jazz-infused Afropop sound.Her influencers include Dela, Yemi Alade, Sauti Sol and Winyo, as well as traditional Kenyan folk sounds.
Speaking in an interview, 46-year-old Histo said his music, which was a mixture of jazz and afropop was inspired by his love for splash music groups and local jazz maestro, Banjo Mosele and Lister Boleseng.
America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country, AfroPoP, Rick Steves' Europe, Front and Center, Doc Martin, Nightly Business Report, Midsomer Murders, A Place to Call Home, Lidia's Kitchen, Globe Trekker, Simply Ming, and P.
"I sang all the subjects back then," she told Afropop Worldwide in 2001.
99 David Fear, "Afropop Culture: 5 Facts We Learned From 'Finding Fela'," Rolling Stone, 29 July 29, 2014; Christopher R.
The need to fill airtime with local content led to a proliferation of small recording studios, and many young Rwandans began composing and recording R&B, Afropop, and later hip-hop and rap songs in Kinyarwanda.
Em 1992 formou a Timbalada, um grupo que procurava fazer o chamado afropop, estilo mestico de diversas linguagens sonoras, produto da heranca de varias influencias fragmentadas.
(56) IA is also beginning to collaborate with different institutions, such as Oberlin College in digitizing and preserving its jazz LP recordings, and Afropop Worldwide's DATs.