After dinner

After dinner   
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Martin talked with the superintendent of the Asa agencies, and after dinner he drew him aside with Hermann, whom he backed financially for the best bicycle store with fittings in Oakland.
"Mother says she'll come in after dinner. She hasn't washed herself yet."
"Upon my word," cries Jones, "thou art a very odd fellow, and I like thy humour extremely; I shall be very glad if thou wilt come to me after dinner, and drink a glass with me; I long to be better acquainted with thee."
(Choose one) A 125ml glass of dry white, red or rose wine A 125ml glass of sparkling wine Treats list 1 mini mince pie Fresh strawberries dripped in 15g melted dark chocolate 17g bag Walkers Wotsits 35ml spirit eg vodka, rum, whisky and low calorie mixer 2 x cheese straws or twists 2 x after dinner mints 2 x Tesco or Co-op mini sausage rolls 2 x Roses or Quality Street chocolates
This ice-cream parlour, named as "Afters" (to suggest the desert items to be savoured after dinner), is located near Tooting Bec Station in London.