After eight o'clock

After eight o'clock   
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figure By BRIAN OKINDA Property worth thousands of shillings went up in smoke when a fire razed several households in an informal settlement in Loresho, Nairobi County.The fire, which residents of the informal settlement known as Shanty said caught them unawares, started sometime after eight o'clock on Tuesday and burnt down scores of houses and business premises, and left three injured.
Nominations submitted after eight o'clock on Thursday evening of October 31 will not be accepted.
Firefighters were called just after eight o'clock after an automatic smoke detector was activated on the Wirral loop line between Moorfields and Lime Street.
When the third train pulled out of the station just after eight o'clock, people banged empty beer cans together and slapped out the beat on the windows and walls to the unmistakable rhythm of the drums.