After one

after one fashion; alike.

See also: One

References in classic literature ?
Toby's animating 'come on' again sounded in my ears, and dreading to lose all confidence in myself if I remained meditating upon the step, I once more gazed down to assure myself of the relative bearing of the tree and my own position, and then closing my eyes and uttering one comprehensive ejaculation of prayer, I inclined myself over towards the abyss, and after one breathless instant fell with a crash into the tree, the branches snapping and cracking with my weight, as I sunk lower and lower among them, until I was stopped by coming in contact with a sturdy limb.
At last, somewhere after one o'clock, I came unexpectedly to one of the city gates.
And after one look at those gnashers, they were in no doubt why he's called the great white shark.