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n.1.The impression of a vivid sensation retained by the retina of the eye after the cause has been removed; also extended to impressions left of tones, smells, etc.
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Other topics examined include revisionism and symbolic violence, and the TV documentary as an after-image of war.
The book closes with a chapter by the editor on remembering the GDR, which notes that film has become the Leitmedium for GDR memory (223), and that although GDR writers have been active in working through their nation's past, Ostalgie fashions "run the risk of becoming a grotesquely commodified symbol, rather than a true after-image, of life in the GDR" (219).
The flash was so bright that I was getting an after-image silhouette of the iron sights in my retinas.
If glare is found, the tool calculates the retinal irradiance (flux of radiant energy on the retina) and subtended angle of the glare source (size of glare source divided by distance to the eye) to predict potential ocular hazards ranging from temporary after-image to retinal burn.
Notably, their experimental results showed that the after-effects moved when the eyes moved, just as the green after-image from adapting to red moves when we move our eyes.
I think even after a film is over, there's an after-image or an echo that exists, and this is true in life: a spirit or a residue, a trace.
Yedalian's bronze "Solidity" (45 x 21 x 11 cm) could be a three-dimensional after-image of "A Glimpse.
These faint jets are a ghost or after-image of what existed a million years ago," Meng Su, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and lead author of the study, said.
In this striking instance of after-image, remote and peripheral perceptions come into focus, taking the speaker's breath away in the opening exclamation: "0 la beaute de ce que je n'ai pas vu".