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Tenders are invited for Header Aftercooler Core To Emd Pt.
It has now been field tested by automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with the aim of replacing high-temperature nylons such as PPA and nylon 46 in turbo ducts and aftercooler end tanks.
The air compressor has a unique belt-guard-mounted aftercooler, automatic tank drain and centrifugal head unloading feature that extends the life of the pump.
An optional aftercooler and IQ filtration system provides cleaner, drier air and system protection.
In this way, the 12/150 can be adapted for specific applications, such as fitting an aftercooler and water separator system for abrasive blasting.
The 2nd stage aftercooler and 1st stage condenser are not explicitly modeled, rather they are assumed to be sufficiently large such that the fluid exiting the compressors is cooled to ambient temperature [T.
The compressor and aftercooler equipment are contained in a semi-portable cabinet that is relatively heavy but still portable.
The compressors are complete with starter, aftercooler and sound attenuating enclosure.
The closed-loop system uses a two-pass cross flow recuperator, a two-pass cross flow aftercooler and a Luehr gas cooler prior to filtration.
It is powered by two specially-tuned versions of the production JCB444 powerplant, developing up to 750A bhp each and featuring four cylinders and five litres of displacement, accompanied by two stage turbochargers, intercooler and aftercooler.
A patented cooling technique eliminates the need for an aftercooler -- which saves space on the cannon -- and incurs a temperature rise of just 125[degrees]F.
Overall, they tell us, the carryover from these compressors, after the aftercooler, is 3ppm or less.