Against the hair

in a rough and disagreeable manner; against the grain.

See also: Hair

References in classic literature ?
He drew his hands from behind his head and pressed them against the hair which was hanging, as it was apt to do, in a mass on his forehead, while he rested his elbows on his knees.
When you're finishing off your blow-dry, make sure the hair dryer nozzle points down, flat against the hair cuticles.
The two members of the hair department will be competing against the hair stylists of other TV shows such as "Downton Abbey," "Games of Thrones," "Mad Men" and "Boardwalk Empire.
NHS workers at the trust's centres, including Reaside, in Rubery and Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Centre, Edgbaston, were sent notices warning against the hair style.
There was never an 'Oh my God' moment, even though I was putting a needle in someone's face - it was me against the hair.
If you shave upward, against the hair, you'll get ingrowns (ugly) and razor burn (ouch).
When using straightening irons a must is a `Thermal Protection Spray' which reduces the damage from the direct heat of the plates against the hair.
When doing your arms, follow the same method you used for your legs: apply in sections, against the hair growth, and skip the elbows and backs of the hands until the end.
Now this last one might be lost on some of you but it comes as no big surprise to me that the common folk of Britain took against the hair unapparent, Mr Hague, because of his bald head and foetus-like features, as much as they did his policies.
Determined to go on a world cruise with Lewis, old Aud needs to raise the cash against the hair salon.
Heat the strip by rubbing it between your hands, place on area, rub down on the strip for a few seconds, stretch the skin against the hair growth to open the hair follicles and remove the wax strip quickly.
Don't go over the same area more than once with your razor, always use a fresh blade, and only shave against the hair growth.