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(ə-gā′mə, ăg′ə-)
An agamid lizard, especially one of the genus Agama.

[New Latin Agama, genus name, from agama, specific epithet in Lacerta agama, name of a lizard species established by Carl Linnaeus (perhaps conflating the Neotropical lizard Plica plica and an African species of the current genus Agama), ultimately of Gbe origin (compare Ewe àgàmà and Fon àgãmã, chameleon), perhaps via Sranan agama, large lizard, or Saramaccan (English- and Portuguese-based creole of Suriname and French Guiana) agama, chameleon.]


(ˈæɡəmə; əˈɡæmə)
1. (Animals) any small terrestrial lizard of the genus Agama, which inhabit warm regions of the Old World: family Agamidae
2. (Animals) Also called: agamid any other lizard of the family Agamidae, which occur in the Old World and Australia and show a wide range of habits and diversity of structure
[C19: Carib]


(ˈæg ə mə)

n., pl. -mas.
any Old World lizard of the family Agamidae, esp. of the genus Agama: many have the ability to change color.
[1810–20; < New Latin < Carib]
ag′a•mid, n., adj.


The canon of holy work.
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Noun1.agama - small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old Worldagama - small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old World
agamid, agamid lizard - a lizard of the family Agamidae
genus Agama - type genus of the Agamidae
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The media center for the Comprehensive Religious Program for March 2018 this morning was the Arab Preparatory School, Bandar Seri Begawan; Tanjong Maya Religious School; Sekolah Taring Sungai Taring, Lumut and Sekolah Agama Negalang, Temburong District.
Among the four Agamas translated into Chinese in the fourth and fifth centuries, the translation of the Ekottarika-agama, or the Zengyi ahan jing, is arguably the most mysterious and controversial.
Seasonal changes in the diet of adult and juvenile Agama impalearis (Lacertilia: Agamidae) in the central Jbilet Mountains, Morocco.
gariepinus and Epinephelus fuscoguttatus fed respectively with fermented fish-offal, MFV meal, Agama agama meal and milkfish offal hydrolysate-based-diet.
Another topic that merits further investigation is the increasing attention Kartini shows for Islam and agama Jawa, as briefly noted by Cote.
Arnel Bigcas, deputy police chief of Jaro, said they recovered two motorcycles-a Honda 110 registered in the name of Aniza Agama and Yamaha Mio registered in the name of Wahid Agama, both of La Paz District.
But they also thought of themselves as members of agama Jawa primitif ("Java's primordial faith," that is, Javanese animism).
Presently, Islamic education in Malaysia can be found in four types of schools: Sekolah Kebangsaan (national schools), Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama(national religious secondary school), Sekolah Agama Negeri (state religious schools), and Sekolah Agama Rakyat (people's religious schools).
resulto ser el entero-parasito mas frecuentemente detectado (14%), sin embargo, esta frecuencia para el taxon es mas baja que la detectada en Agama stellio (Agamidae) en Egipto (22,22-29,6%) [9]; Oochoristica spp.
In states with progressive Majlis Agama Islam, or Councils of the Islamic Religion, such as Kelantan, the Kaum Muda could publicly articulate their views, as in the celebrated 1937 debate on whether a dog's saliva was impure (Roff 1983, pp.
Etisalat is implementing an Agama solution for its IPTV and OTT service.
Agama Technologies has been appointed by Al-Falak to build a monitoring system that can provide Etisalat with an end-to-end monitoring, auditing, analysing and correlating events from primary head down to the end user devices such as set-top-boxes, smart phones, and tablets.