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a.1.(Physiol.) Without ganglia.
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Swenson's procedure was adopted in all the cases where the aganglionic segment was resected and ganglionic segment was pulled down and anastomosed to the anus.
<1 mo/M 3 y Aganglionic WS type 4 colon, ganglion cells positive jejunum 6.
(2) Soon after the initial description, IND B was observed proximal to the aganglionic segment in some patients with HSCR and has been regarded by some physicians as a marker of functionally abnormal bowel that should be resected along with the aganglionic segment and transition zone.
Wu, "Overexpression of Bcl-2 promotes survival and differentiation of neuroepithelial stem cells after transplantation into rat aganglionic colon," Stem Cell Research & Therapy, vol.
The resulting intestinal obstruction is usually treated by surgical removal of the aganglionic bowel and a pull-through of unaffected ganglionic bowel.
In Hirschsprung's disease, aganglionic bowel has been suggested as the cause of obstruction.
Myenteric ICCs were found to be markedly reduced not only in the aganglionic segment, but also in the transitional zone and ganglionic part of HD bowel.6-8 Reduction of myenteric ICC in the normoganglionic sigmoid colon in HD may be the cause for the dysmotility disturbances seen in many patients after pull-through operation due to the defective transmission of electrical events between the enteric nervous system and adjacent smooth muscle.6 Despite the widespread use of CD117 antibodies in this setting, there is no agreement on what constitutes a normal/abnormal number of ICC or what a normal/ disrupted network of ICC is?
The TERPT procedure was performed in accordance with the technique described in 1998, with rectal mucosectomy, colectomy of the aganglionic segment, and anal pull-through of the normoganglionic colon [3].
This also can explain our previous findings that neurexin and neuroligin are expressed at a significantly downregulated level in the aganglionic segment of HSCR with relative neurotransmitters, Glu and GABA, and unbalance in serum of HSCR [27, 28].
Furthermore, goblet cells of Ednrb−/− mice showed differences in both aganglionic and ganglionic segments.
In addition, this approach can be performed in patients that aganglionic segment is located more proximal than the sigmoid.
Patients are classified as having short-segment HD when the aganglionic segment does not extend beyond the upper sigmoid, and long segment HD when the aganglionic segment extends proximal to the sigmoid colon.5 TA is rare (3-8% of cases of HD).