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 (ā′gär-wo͝od′, ä′-)

[Hindi agar, from Prakrit agaru, from Sanskrit agaruḥ, agaru; akin to Tamil and Malayalam akil.]
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Espina said in a phone interview that police were tipped off by a confidential agent about the trade of agar wood wedges, locally known as lanete or lapnisan, at the village of Burabod-an.
[ClickPress, Fri Mar 15 2019] Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE) has recently updated its massive report catalogue by adding a fresh study titled " Agar wood Essential Oil Market Assessment and Revenue Forecast until the End of 2026".
Yas Perfumes is offering a huge selection of Arabic and French perfumes such as: Dukhoons, Agar Wood, Dehn Oud, Mukhallatat, Oud Oil & Blends, Fabric Perfumes, Body Care Line, Mabkharas, Perfume Bottles besides gift items at the Manar Mall, it added.-TradeArabia News Service
The Kba is usually washed in a special ceremony, with rose water, agar wood fragrance and Zamzam water.
A noteworthy trend spotlighted by fragrance aficionados is the growing popularity of oud or agar wood, which comes from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree.
It is not unusual for the best oud - Arabic for aloe or agar wood - to go for Dh100,000 a kilo.
I was surprised when they showed me the best quality agar wood which is from Assam sold at 825KD/ Kg i.e.
Agarwood plantations have been developed in a number of countries, such as Sri Lanka and Malyasia as commercial crops specially to produce agar wood essential oils.