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Noun1.Agaricus - type genus of AgaricaceaeAgaricus - type genus of Agaricaceae; gill fungi having brown spores and including several edible species
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Agaricaceae, family Agaricaceae - large family including many familiar mushrooms
Agaricus arvensis, horse mushroom - coarse edible mushroom with a hollow stem and a broad white cap
Agaricus campestris, field mushroom, meadow mushroom - common edible mushroom found naturally in moist open soil; the cultivated mushroom of commerce
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Over the past five to six years the benefits of agaricus mushrooms became well publicized in Japan and the market grew close to $450 million in retail sales of just agaricus," he said.
Agaricus blazei Murill Significantly Increases Survival of Nutritionally Deprived Organism
Tenders are invited for Supply of medicine Abrotanum, Aconitum napellus, Actaea racemosa, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Agaricus muscarius, Allium cepa, Aloe socotrina, Alumina, Ammonium carbonicum, Ammonium muriaticum, Anacardium orientale, Antimonium crudum, Apis mellifica, Apocynum cannabinum, Argentum metallicum, Argentum nitricum, Arnica montana, Arsenicum album, Arsenicum iodatum,
Clarke Energy has made two key acquisitions in South Africa - GE 's South African Jenbacher gas engines Service Business and Agaricus Trading Pty Ltd , official sales representative of GE Jenbacher in the region.
Agaricus bisporus (the "button mushroom") grows on the ground, often in grassy meadows.
Instead of masking odor, Odor Cleanse neutralizes the odors in the intestines with a special, patented highly concentrated mushroom extract, Agaricus bisporus.
Edible fungi such as Agaricus bisporus, or the popular white button mushroom, are abundant in vitamin D.
After the seed culture grows, clay loam soil with medium viscosity is put on them to produce Agaricus bisporus mushrooms (fruiting bodies).
genetic engineering), others have attempted, with limited success, at developing a molecular toolbox to genetically enhance the cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus.
New in the product line is Immune Assist Micron, a special blend of the immune active heteropolysaccharides derived from Cordyceps sinensis, Coriolus versicolor, Agaricus blazei, Grifola frondosa, Ganoderma lucidum and Lentinula edodes in micronized form.
A specific mushroom, Agaricus blazei Murrill (AbM), with enhanced levels of natural organic vitamin D2 dramatically suppressed and prevented Alzheimer's disease.
These include Super Reishi, Super Royal Agaricus, Super Tremella, Super Turkey Tail, Super Shitake, Super Lion's Mane, Super Cordyceps, and the Breast Mate and Prost-Mate targeted formulas.