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 (ăg′ə-sē), Elizabeth Cabot Cary 1822-1907.
American educator who helped organize the predecessor of Radcliffe College (1879) and served as Radcliffe's first president (1894-1899).


, Lake
A glacial lake of the Pleistocene Epoch extending over much of present-day Manitoba and including parts of Minnesota, North Dakota, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.
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(French aɡasi)
(Biography) Jean Louis Rodolphe (ʒɑ̃ lwi rɔdɔlf). 1807–73, Swiss natural historian and geologist, settled in the US after 1846
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(ˈæg ə si)

1. Alexander, 1835–1910, U.S. oceanographer and marine zoologist, born in Switzerland.
2. his father, (Jean) Louis (Rodolphe) (ʒɑ̃) 1807–73, U.S. zoologist and geologist, born in Switzerland.
3. Lake, a lake existing in the prehistoric Pleistocene Epoch in central North America. 700 mi. (1127 km) long.
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Noun1.Agassiz - United States naturalist (born in Switzerland) who studied fossil fishAgassiz - United States naturalist (born in Switzerland) who studied fossil fish; recognized geological evidence that ice ages had occurred in North America (1807-1873)
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I should say that those New England rocks on the sea-coast, which Agassiz imagines to bear the marks of violent scraping contact with vast floating icebergs --I should say, that those rocks must not a little resemble the Sperm Whale in this particular.
"This love of money is the curse of America, and for the sake of it men will sell honour and honesty, till we don't know whom to trust, and it is only a genius like Agassiz who dares to say, 'I cannot waste my time in getting rich,' " said Mrs.
"I cannot promise to be an Agassiz or a Sumner, mother; but I do promise to be an honest man, please God."
He looked very much like Agassiz, and his wife, in her old-fashioned black silk dress, overskirted and tight-sleeved, reminded Alexander of the early pictures of Mrs.
Far from feeling any surprise that some of the cave-animals should be very anomalous, as Agassiz has remarked in regard to the blind fish, the Amblyopsis, and as is the case with the blind Proteus with reference to the reptiles of Europe, I am only surprised that more wrecks of ancient life have not been preserved, owing to the less severe competition to which the inhabitants of these dark abodes will probably have been exposed.
He relates the story of John Bartram's appointment as royal botanist for British colonial Florida in 1764; the discoveries of his son William and his students, who founded Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences; the first major scientific expedition to Spanish Florida by William Maclure, George Ord, Thomas Say, and Titan Peale in 1817; and the work of Academy members and correspondents like Louis Agassiz, John James Audubon, Asa Gray, Clarence Moore, Francis Harper, Henry Fowler, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Chaplin, and Henry Pilsbry.
Harvard officials did not immediately respond to questions about Louis Agassiz, the professor who commissioned the photos, or about whether anything is known about the identities, or descendants, of the people in the images.
Global Wild Rice Market Player: Few players in the global wild rice market include Moose Lake Wild Rice, SunWest Foods Inc., Amira Nature Foods Ltd., Lundberg, Nature's Gourmet Foods, Inc., InHarvest, Inc., Lake of the Woods Wild Rice CO., Gibbs Wild Rice CO., Erickson Processing Inc., Coilws Com Inc., and Agassiz Wild Rice LLC.
We hope to have speakers address our province's archaeology, our artists, our geology and Lake Agassiz, the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, women in Manitoba politics and a presentation on Indigenous women in Manitoba's history.
Chartered in 1994, the $13.5 million Agassiz Credit Union in Crookston, Minn., which served 1,396 members, was approved to consolidate with the $611 million First Community Credit Union in Jamestown, N.D.
In 1927, Philip Drinker and Louis Agassiz Shaw at Harvard University devised a version of a tank respirator that could maintain artificial respiration until a person could breathe independently, which is usually after a week or two.
Caption: ROSAMOND PURCELL Jar of piranha from Brazil, prepared by William James for louis Agassiz Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology From Finders, Keepers, 1993