Agave americana

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Noun1.Agave americana - widely cultivated American monocarpic plant with greenish-white flowers on a tall stalkAgave americana - widely cultivated American monocarpic plant with greenish-white flowers on a tall stalk; blooms only after ten to twenty years and then dies
agave, American aloe, century plant - tropical American plants with basal rosettes of fibrous sword-shaped leaves and flowers in tall spikes; some cultivated for ornament or for fiber
genus Agave - type genus of the Agavaceae; in some classifications considered a genus of Amaryllidaceae
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Actually, euphorbia Ingens and Agave Americana are succulents, experts point out - but laymen will know them as the towering cacti seen in Wild West movies.
190, the mask is enriched with beneficial herbs like Ginkgo Biloba, Agave Americana and Lonicera Japonica.
Large and dramatic cream-striped Agave americana 'Mediopicta Alba'; petite A.
A Chinese vlogger who went by the name Miss Zhang recently mistook the desert plant agave americana for aloe vera during a live video stream and it had near-fatal repercussions.
Unfortunately, the green plant that she began to chew on turned out to be Agave Americana (American aloe) which is poisonous, according to a Weibo report via Shanghaiist.
Treatments includes two bioagents, viz., Trichoderma harzianum (6 x [10.sup.7] cfu/ml of water-1%) and Pseudomonas fluorescens (6 x [10.sup.7] cfu/ml of water-1%), five plant extracts, viz., Azardiracta indica (10%), Allium sativa (5%), Agave americana (5%), Tagetes indica (5%) and Eichhornia crassipes (5%) and four fungicides, viz, Wettable sulphur (0.3%) Triadimefon (0.1%), Myclobutanil (0.1%) and Hexaconazole (0.1%) with one untreated control were evaluated for their efficacy on management of powdery mildew disease.
Agave americana L, commonly known as century plant [12], native to the arid and tropical regions of the western hemisphere, particularly Mexico, and Central America [13].
AGAVE americana is probably the most widely cultivated agave here in Britain as it is reasonably hardy - provided it is given a sunny aspect and welldrained soil.