A long, loose-fitting, often embroidered gown having wide sleeves and a hole in the center for the head, worn especially by Yoruba men.

[Yoruba agbádá.]
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For example, Femi Osofisan, incidentally also referred to by Agbada, had described Ezeigbo's strategy in the novel as tending overall toward "negotiation, compromise [and] reconciliation" (39).
The middle unit, the Agbada Fm, is up to 4,600 metres thick locally and consists of shallower water marine sands and lagoonal sands and shales.
In summary, three main lithostratigraphic units have been recognized and were laid down under Marine, Transitional and Continental environments corresponding to Akata, Agbada and Benin formations.
The costumes generally worn in this dance are those popularized by the Yoruba people, particularly those that are worn at weddings, such as a buba, agbada, and gele (head gear) and shawl.
1 well was tested from the Agbada formation at a rate of 6,184 barrels of 39 degree API gravity oil per day through a 48/64-inch choke with 880 pounds per square inch flowing pressure from a 10-foot perforated interval at a depth of 6,540 feet.
There are a total of eight characters in the illustration, seven of which are dressed in agbada and caps while the remaining one wears babanriga (Hausa word for agbada) and turban.
1 well, which discovered oil and gas reservoirs in the Agbada formation.
Shales in the Akata and the Agbada formations, although generally poor in organic matter, are likely to be the sources of both the oil and gas.
1, which tested one horizon in the Agbada formation at a rate of 6,184 barrels of oil per day.
Ogbudu gbada agbada gbarawo [Onomatopoeic epithet phrases describing the movement and sounds of Oshun River]
a bottom wando, and a gown buba riga, while the Yoroba call a top buba, a bottom sokoto, and a gown agbada.