Age of gold

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He spoke, and words more soft than rain Brought the Age of Gold again: His action won such reverence sweet, As hid all measure of the feat.
I shall find in him the Foreworld; in his childhood the Age of Gold, the Apples of Knowledge, the Argonautic Expedition, the calling of Abraham, the building of the Temple, the Advent of Christ, Dark Ages, the Revival of Letters, the Reformation, the discovery of new lands, the opening of new sciences and new regions in man.
Moreover, Rb-Sr isochron method of altered minerals has been widely used in the study of the mineralization age of gold deposits (Jager, 1979; Andre and Deutsch, 1986; Wei et al., 1997; Yang and Zhou, 1999; Xie and Hu, 2000; Wang et al., 2002).
progression," from the age of gold to one of silver and then of
"An alchemist of humble birth shall transport base elements and turn rust and ruins into an age of gold and glory."