Age of Man

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Noun1.Age of Man - last 2 million yearsAge of Man - last 2 million years      
Age of Mammals, Cenozoic, Cenozoic era - approximately the last 63 million years
Holocene, Holocene epoch, Recent, Recent epoch - approximately the last 10,000 years
Pleistocene, Pleistocene epoch, Glacial epoch - from two million to 11 thousand years ago; extensive glaciation of the northern hemisphere; the time of human evolution
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I then gave Lys a piece of dried meat, and sitting inside the entrance, we dined as must have some of our ancient forbears at the dawning of the age of man, while far below the open diapason of the savage night rose weird and horrifying to our ears.
26 Age of man after car hit vehicles on r d Last week four officers were injured after a stolen car smashed into two PSNI vehicles in Maghera.
An unofficial term designating the geologic epoch in which we live, the "Age of Man." Because humans are having widespread effects on the planet that can be measured in the geologic record, the International Commission on Stratigraphy is investigating whether the current Holocene epoch should end and an Anthropocene epoch begin.