Grass spider

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(Zool.) a common spider (Agelena nævia), which spins flat webs on grass, conspicuous when covered with dew.

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Agelenopsis emertoni Chamberlin & Ivie, 1935 P--occurs from Nova Scotia to Florida and west to Colorado.
Agelenopsis aperta (Gertsch, 1934) Ecatepec (Cruz 2014).
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Envenomation by a spider, Agelenopsis aperta (family: Agelenidae) previously considered harmless.
Email: Table 1 Spiders collected at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve Family Genus Species Agelenidae Agelenopsis emertoni Agelenopsis naevia Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Agelenopsis sp?
It's a part of life for funnel spiders (Agelenopsis aperta), says Ann Hedrick of the University of California, Davis.
(Pictured above is the grass spider or funnel weaver, Agelenopsis sp.)
For example, low-mass category females (categories based on weight) of Agelenopsis aperta, the desert spider, produce fewer fearful offspring of both genders when mated to high-mass males (Riechert & Johns 2003).