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n.1.See Agendum.
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No hidden agend He just wanted to go and win for Kilkenny or Ballyhale or whoever it wcheap shots or anything that.
The technology solutions and infrastructure being planned align with the Dubai Government's SmartCity strategic agend, said Carillion.
Yet, rather than spotlighting the myriad of positives which make our country a global standout, for some strange reason elements of the UK media appear to harbour an anti-UAE agend.
For the Texas Data Center Summit detailed agend and registration: www.
T that we should be he start up local busines been difficult to do in make the difference nomy, but using the sc base and Durham Univ companies we could h the technology agend This policy, he bel dicated by such succe and the Printable El Centre, PETEC.
Faridi-Majidi, R, Sharifi-Sanjani, N, Agend, F, "Encapsulation of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Polystyrene via Emulsifier-Free Miniemulsion Polymerization.
det se earcnanstan eallum sceolde to hleo ond to hroper helepa cynne weordan in worulde, welders agend eades ordfruma, purh pa oepelan cwenn.
A seminar on "How to control time delays and budget overruns in building Projects was also among the agend and presented at the Conference Hall of Expo Centre Sharjah.
29) Agend | Buchlein | fur die Pfar= | Herren auff | dem Land-- Nuremberg: Johann vom Berg and Ulrich Neuber, 1543--88 printed, unnumbered leaves, plus 13 additional leaves with manuscript material sewn in--shelf mark 1543 Diet (30) Agend | Buchlein fur die | Pfarrherrn auff | dem Land.
Viet Dietrich's Agend Buchlein is closer to the genre of pastors' manual, but it differs in content from both the medieval pastors' manual and its Protestant reincarnation; cf.