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n.1.See Agendum.
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TEHRAN (FNA)- South Korea imposed unilateral sanctions on several North Korean bankers only one day before US President Donald Trump arrives in Seoul, with PyongyangAaAaAeA{Es military program high on his agend
Address : Agend And Dy Gm (Mines) Gr I Balaghat Mine
Both countries signed a joint agreement agreeing on details such as who would represent their respective governmentsAaAeAeA and the issues that would be on the agend
No hidden agend He just wanted to go and win for Kilkenny or Ballyhale or whoever it wcheap shots or anything that.
Noynoy Aquino to recover lost ground and time vis-AaAaAeA -vis his reform agend
Co je vsak klicove, napln jejich agend nema explicitni ambici vytesnit moc a vliv statu (nahradit v teritoriu jejich pusobeni normy vynucovane statem normami vlastnimi).
The technology solutions and infrastructure being planned align with the Dubai Government's SmartCity strategic agend, said Carillion.
Vetsina realne uskutecnenych aplikaci stavi na toliko okrajovych prinosech tohoto pristupu, jako jsou: castecne zlepseni administrativnich postupu, snizovanicasu, nakladu, "automatizace" agend, atd.
Improving the regulatory framework for entrepreneurial environment, the simplification of input/output procedures and the reduction of market and administrative barriers provide a better regulatory framework for all romanian entrepreneurs as a part of the growth effort and the assurance of jobs started by EU through Lisbon Agend and EU 2020 Strategy.
Yet, rather than spotlighting the myriad of positives which make our country a global standout, for some strange reason elements of the UK media appear to harbour an anti-UAE agend.
The contribution of aquatic ecosystems and fisheries to food security and livelihoods: A research agend.
Requiring faculty from both countries to be painstakingly articulate and communicate, however, provides opportunities to explain terminology, philosophies, curricula and agend as in detail not often required in daily work.