Agent Orange

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Agent Orange

A herbicide containing trace amounts of the toxic contaminant dioxin, used in the Vietnam War to defoliate areas of forest.

[From the orange identifying strip on drums in which it was stored.]

Agent Orange

(Military) a highly poisonous herbicide used as a spray for defoliation and crop destruction, esp by US forces during the Vietnam War
[C20: named after the identifying colour stripe on its container]

A′gent Or′ange

a powerful herbicide and defoliant containing trace amounts of dioxin, used heavily during the Vietnam War to deprive enemy troops of foliage cover.
[1965–70; so called from the color of the identifying stripe on the drums in which it was stored]
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Noun1.Agent Orange - a herbicide used in the Vietnam War to defoliate forest areasAgent Orange - a herbicide used in the Vietnam War to defoliate forest areas
dioxin - any of several toxic or carcinogenic hydrocarbons that occur as impurities in herbicides
herbicide, weed killer, weedkiller - a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth

A·gent Or·ange

n. Agente Naranja, causante de defoliación que contiene el elemento químico-tóxico dioxina.
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Grone said DoD had no record of the use, storage, or testing of Agents Orange, Blue, or white on Guam, although other herbicides may have passed through Guam during the Vietnam War.

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