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juvenilism, juvenility

Often pejorative. a mode of action or thought characterized by apparent youthfulness. — juvenile, n., adj.
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Online child protection: Cybering, online grooming and ageplay. Computer Law and Security Report, 24(1), 41-45.
(18) Indeed, "virtual ageplay" (19)--sexual role-play occurring in a virtual world (20) like Second Life, where one avatar appears to be a child and the other an adult--has become a very popular and newsworthy online pastime.
Even assuming that the parts of the PROTECT Act that threaten virtual ageplay will be overturned before gaining enough momentum to affect activities in virtual worlds, one avenue remains open for those who wish to prosecute ageplayers.
There are two reasonable arguments against the suppression of ageplay under Miller.
The less controversial argument against prohibiting online ageplay as obscenity is that online ageplay is simply not something that can be regulated by obscenity law.
Instead of conceptualizing online ageplay as a series of images which can be regulated by obscenity law, it should be seen as an intimate activity, albeit one conducted in an unconventional forum.
Online ageplay is not fundamentally different from the sexual activity at issue in Lawrence.
One might argue that prohibiting online ageplay would not deprive people of the liberty to express their sexuality in the same way prohibiting homosexual intimacy would, because virtual sex is not the inevitable instantiation of some unchangeable sexual preference, as is homosexual sex to homosexuals.
22, 2008); Posting of Tateru Nino to Massively, Sky News Targets Sexual Ageplay in Second Life Again, http://www.massively.com/2008/03/03/ sky-news-targets-sexual-ageplay-in-second-lifeagain (Mar.
(19) Ageplay is a type of sexual or non-sexual roleplay in which one adult partner takes on the characteristics of a child.