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Haggada, Haggadah, Aggada, Aggadah

1. the explanatory matter in rabbinic and Talmudic literature, interpreting or illustrating the Scriptures.
2. a book in which is printed the liturgy for the Seder service. — haggadic, haggadical, adj.
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Fresh fruit and vintage wine; the ethics and wisdom of the Aggada.
The Guide is to the Mishneh Torah as aggada is to halacha.
Here a connection was made with another aggada based on God's command to Moses to construct for the Tabernacle a menorah out of pure gold.
No topic under the scrutiny of the rabbis is without this enigmatic dance of law and narrative, halakha and aggada.
A critique of Heschel's views of the relations of aggada and halakha brings the issue into focus.
He who says" Bialik writes, "'I honor nothing but Aggada [midrash]; he is very much like the man who plucks the blossom, but is heedless of the fruit" (1923, 27).
Limited to the latter six of the twelve minor prophets, the volume deals with the origin and development of TJ from the viewpoint of the historical allusions (chapter two), the Hebrew Vorlage (chapter three), the "additional targums" (chapter six), the aggada (chapter seven), the relationship of TJ to the Peshitta (chapter eight), and the redaction (chapter ten).
Now he is ready to discourse on what is pshat, drash, midrash aggada, and midrash halacha.