Base course

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(Arch.) The first or lower course of a foundation wall, made of large stones or a mass of concrete; - called also foundation course. (b) The architectural member forming the transition between the basement and the wall above.

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The contract involves the trenching, widening, placing of aggregate base course and concrete pavement, median barrier construction and lighting improvements.
It can be used as an aggregate base course material as well as incorporated into new concrete.
Tenders are invited for 1 ls grading, 160 cy undercut excavation, 332 ton aggregate base course 425 ton asphalt conc surface course, 675 lf steel bm guardrail, 30 lf thermoplastic pavement marking 30 lines (24", 120 mils), 62 ea snowplowable pavement markers, 2 ea response for erosion control, see attached file.
0 cy earth excavation; 100 ft exploration trench 52" depth; 40 ft temporary ditch checks; 755 ft perimeter erosion barrier; 82 sy stone riprap, class a4; 82 sy filter fabric; 351 sy aggregate subgrade improvement 12"; 368 sy aggregate base course, type b 6"; 30 tn leceling binder (machine method), n70; 455 tn hot-mix asphalt binder course, il-19.