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 (ä′gə, ăg′ə)
Variant of aga.


(Historical Terms) a variant spelling of aga


or a•gha

(ˈɑ gə)

(in Turkey and other Muslim countries) a title of honor for a high official, military commander, etc.
[1590–1600; < Turkish ağa lord]
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Noun1.agha - title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey)Agha - title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey)
form of address, title of respect, title - an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'; "the professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title"
Republic of Turkey, Turkey - a Eurasian republic in Asia Minor and the Balkans; on the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, the Young Turks, led by Kemal Ataturk, established a republic in 1923
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Kinnaird College beat Imperial College, Punjab University outplayed University of Lahore, Lahore College for Women eliminated COMSATS Islamabad, and Agha Khan University Karachi outshone University of Sargodha with ease and comfort in their respective matches.
Chinese are our brothers in progress and we warmly welcome CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), however, we must ensure that it is done on a fair and mutually beneficial basis,' a press release quoted Agha as saying.
He was speaking at a tea party hosted for him jointly by the Shikarpur Sindhi-Pathan Bradary and All Sindhi-Pathan Youth at the residence of Special People Foundation chairman Agha Muneer Khan Pathan near Kiri Nawab Khan locality on Thursday.
Agha Durrani said that was his personal thinking and decision to build his fate after leaving the PPP while no notification was issued in this regard so for by the party central leadership despite Agha Taimoor Khan joined the Sindh Grande Democratic Alliance GDA).
The autobiography , Agha say Agha Nasir Tak, was his last book which he authored before his death last year.
It should be mentioned that Agha Taimoor's grandfather Ghulam Nabi Pathan served with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his father Agha Tariq Khan Pathan served with Benazir Bhutto.
While lauding the services of Agha Khan Community, Zubair said that they had contributed a lot in every sector of the life especially in social welfare.
He said this while talking to Prince Karim Agha Khan, who alongwith his daughter Princess Zahra Agha Khan and a delegation called on him at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.
New Delhi [India], December 3 ( ANI ): Defence expert Qamar Agha came in support of a Baloch leader who urged the United States to designate Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf as a global terrorist.
Electing to bat first, Agha Estate crashed for 86 with three balls of 20 overs remaining.
Agha added that most products available within the Middle East are similar, and keep up with worldwide fashion trends, with basic quality designs.
Benedict Bernabe, head of operations of the said yoga studio, said they were already tipped off about Agha by another fitness center in Taguig City after the suspect had previously stolen there and was caught on CCTV camera.