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Political propaganda, especially favoring communism and disseminated through literature, drama, art, or music: "It also is a conspiracy movie, agitprop against today's targets, big government and big business" (George F. Will).

[Russian, short for otdel agitatsii i propagandy, incitement and propaganda section (of the central and local committees of the Russian Communist party); name changed in 1934.]
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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (often capital) (formerly) a bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in charge of agitation and propaganda on behalf of Communism
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy)
a. any promotion, as in the arts, of political propaganda, esp of a Communist nature
b. (as modifier): agitprop theatre.
[C20: short for Russian Agitpropbyuro, from agit(atsiya) agitation + prop(aganda) propaganda]
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(ˈædʒ ɪtˌprɒp)

1. agitation and propaganda, esp. for the cause of communism.
2. of or pertaining to agitprop.
[1930–35; < Russian Agitpróp, orig. for Agitatsiónno-propagandístskiĭ otdél]
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Noun1.agitprop - political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinemaagitprop - political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema
propaganda - information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause
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[ˈædʒɪtˌprɒp] Npropaganda f política (esp de izquierdas)
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agit-prop [ˈædʒɪtprɒp] nagit-prop f inv
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Kejriwal is the one politician that no other politician or party trusts except for his agit-prop comrade Mamata Banerjee.
As these happen, expect the democrats to once again vigorously attempt to manipulate the public via clever propaganda (agit-prop, etc.) and plays to emotion and low information voters to foster the inevitable knee jerk reactions by impressionable followers of the mainstream media and certain politicians.
"Try starting a riot or beginning a painting--or just lie back and stare at the sky." (4) Von Hantelmann's characterization of the Fun Palace substantially reorients it away from the agit-prop street-theater context of '60s London to better fit our current society: in her words, "large, concentrated groups of people, individualization, flexibilization, constant change, and the increasing involvement of consumers." (5) It's a staggering rhetorical shift that takes up what is most proto-neoliberal in Price (the mantra of flexibility) and rebrands it as prosumerism.
Barbara was a great performer who moved along to the "Carry On" movies, the Littlewood form of theatre merely gave her a grounding, and it was a similar thing for Victor Spinetti, who ditched agit-prop political point-scoring and turned up at Stratford one summer in The Relapse, as Lord Foppington Flutter.
Films discussed offer representations of urban protests and social movements, covering a range of films from avant-garde and agit-prop to mainstream narrative feature films.
Elsewhere, it is possible to chart the development of a practice across time, from the direct simplicities of agit-prop to the complexities of a revived popular theatre in 7:84's work.
A highlight reel of Nazi cinema rewinds a familiar and fearful montage: the celebration of eugenic perfection in Leni Riefenstahl's triumphal pseudo-docs, the anti-Semitic agit-prop of Hippler and Harlan, and the stock footage from archival compilations whose final act reveals the skeletons, living and dead, from the liberation of the concentration camps.
We staged agit-prop street plays; we explored the possibilities of people's theater as 'rehearsals' for the impending confrontation between the masses and an oppressive state; we made weapons out of slogans and clenched fists, and danced with banners as symbols of defiance.
Contrary to the wishes of the Abortion Blogosphere, not every woman who has an unplanned pregnancy "considers" abortion, so why, short of adding another pro-abortion agit-prop movie to the roster, does "Bridget Jones's Baby" have to?
Asi, el estilo comun de los documentales es muy semejante al agit-prop leninista caracteristico del documentalismo sovietico de la decada de 1920.
Transnational influences make their presence felt in these plays through agit-prop and fact-based form.
When the MPPDA and Breen Office censorship hindered such efforts, the latter half of the 1930s witnessed the rise of agit-prop films by independent producers.