witch of Agnesi

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witch of Agnesi
A segment drawn from the origin to A intersects a circle of radius a at B. The witch of Agnesi is the curve formed by P as A moves along the line C.

witch of Ag·ne·si

A planar cubic curve that is symmetric about the y-axis and that approaches the x-axis as an asymptote. Its equation is x2y = 4a2(2a - y), where a is a constant.

[witch (translation of Italian avversiera, versiera, confused with versiera, curve, turning, from New Latin versōria, from Latin versus, turned, reversed, past participle of vertere, to turn; see verse1) + Maria Gaetana Agnesi.]

witch of Agnesi

(Mathematics) maths a plane curve, symmetrical about the y-axis, having the equation x2y = 4a2(2ay). Sometimes shortened to: witch
[C19: named after Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718–99), Italian mathematician and philosopher; probably so called from the resemblance of the curve to the outline of a witch's hat]
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