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Noun1.Agnatha - superclass of eel-shaped chordates lacking jaws and pelvic fins: lampreysAgnatha - superclass of eel-shaped chordates lacking jaws and pelvic fins: lampreys; hagfishes; some extinct forms
Craniata, subphylum Craniata, subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata - fishes; amphibians; reptiles; birds; mammals
agnathan, jawless fish, jawless vertebrate - eel-shaped vertebrate without jaws or paired appendages including the cyclostomes and some extinct forms
order Ostracodermi, Ostracodermi - extinct group of armored jawless vertebrates; taxonomy is not clear
Anaspida, order Anaspida - extinct order of jawless vertebrates
Conodonta, Conodontophorida, order Conodonta, order Conodontophorida - extinct order of primitive vertebrates; the precise taxonomy is not clear; in some classifications considered a separate phylum
Cyclostomata, order Cyclostomata - primitive jawless aquatic vertebrate: lampreys; hagfishes
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Revision of Psammosteus livonicus Obruchev (Agnatha, Heterostraci) from the Devonian Amata Regional Stage of the NW of the East European Platform.
New thelodont (Agnatha) and possible chondrichthyan (Gnathostomata) taxa established in the Silurian and Lower Devonian of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
The jawless fish (Class Agnatha) are represented with an interesting study with sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) describing the relationship between sperm DNA damage and fertilizing ability [110], while cartilaginous fish (Class Chondrichthyes) are completely unexplored.
With respect to the aquaporin superfamily, seven classes (aqp01, -3L, -4, -8, -10L, -12, and -14) have been identified in the genomes of lampreys (Hyperoartia), which are extant representatives of jawless vertebrates (Agnatha).
The gorgeous, rebellious Prince Beau loves strong-willed healer Agnatha, and with the help of an all-powerful godling, the two may find the happiness each deserves.
* Ploesoma truncatum# P (Levander, 1894) Polyarthra dolichoptera P Idelson,1925 Synchaeta stylata Wierzejski, 1893 P Trichocerca agnatha P Wulfert, 1939 Trichocerca bicristata P (Gosse, 1887) Trichocerca cf capucina * P (Wierzejski & Zacharias, 1893) Trichocerca chattoni (De P Beauchamp, 1907) Trichocerca cf pusilla# P (Jennings, 1903) Trichocerca similis (Wierzejski, P 1893) Trichocerca cf stylata# * P (Gosse,1851) Trichocerca sp.* Macrochaetus sp.* Trichotria tetractis B (Ehrenberg, 1830) Arthropoda Bosmina tubicen# Brehm, 1953 P Bosmina longirostris (O.
Los tres grandes grupos existentes (Agnatha, Condrichthyes y Actinopterygii) usan las branquias como sitio primario de respiracion acuatica.
1: Crustacea, 2: Osteichthyes, 3: Chondrichthyes, 4: Mollusca, 5: Agnatha. M: "Modified" design, T: "Traditional" design.