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21) Furthermore, the melodramatic dimension of the scene is accentuated by an agnition effect, the "counterfeited" revelation of a truth known to the audience but ignored by at least one of the characters.
This reunion bears all the signs of melodramatic belatedness that characterizes many maternal melodramas of the 1940s and 1950s, where the dramatic moment of agnition routinely comes too late, when all opportunities to act on the knowledge gained in that moment have been lost, as in Douglas Sirk's Imitation of Life.
There is then a further distancing from classical ideals by a reversal of the conventional topos of agnition, whereby in Aretino's case the protagonist discovers that his spouse is of the same sex as himself, perhaps following Castiglione's conviction that it is the unexpected in a burla that induces laughter, and Finotti further indicates that it is also in its style that the Marescalco is unexpected and succeeds in its experimentation.
e, of death and incest--are found in Demofoonte, where, indeed, the agnition is double (the suspicion of incest arises between the first and the second agnition).
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The editor also considerably clarifies an otherwise confusing array of double identities, name changing and agnitions deriving from the underlying Terentian and Plautine inspiration.