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 (äg′nôn′), Shmuel Yosef 1888-1970.
Polish-born Israeli writer. His dramatic novels, written in Hebrew, include A Guest for the Night (1939). He shared the 1966 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Biography) Shmuel Yosef, real name Samuel Josef Czaczkes. 1888–1970, Israeli novelist, born in Austria-Hungary. His works, which treat contemporary Jewish themes, include The Day Before Yesterday (1945). Nobel prize for literature 1966


(ˈæg nɒn)
Shmuel Yosef (Samuel Josef Czaczkes), 1888–1970, Israeli novelist and short-story writer, born in Poland: Nobel prize 1966.
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For his second book, the Bialik Prize for Fine Literature and Jewish Thought, and the Jerusalem Agnon Memorial Prize.
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Amotz Agnon, Geology professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said a major tremor in the near future could "lead to thousands of deaths.
Agnon, who later won a Nobel Prize for Literature, a text that called the State reshith tzemihath ge'ulathenu, "the first flowering of our redemption", though some groups decline to ascribe messianic status to the State.
She received the Nobel Prize for literature, together with the Israeli author Joseph Agnon.
Agnon," recalled Arikha's formal beginnings as an illustrator and his lifelong preoccupation with self-portraiture.
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