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 (äg′nôn′), Shmuel Yosef 1888-1970.
Polish-born Israeli writer. His dramatic novels, written in Hebrew, include A Guest for the Night (1939). He shared the 1966 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Biography) Shmuel Yosef, real name Samuel Josef Czaczkes. 1888–1970, Israeli novelist, born in Austria-Hungary. His works, which treat contemporary Jewish themes, include The Day Before Yesterday (1945). Nobel prize for literature 1966


(ˈæg nɒn)
Shmuel Yosef (Samuel Josef Czaczkes), 1888–1970, Israeli novelist and short-story writer, born in Poland: Nobel prize 1966.
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Other authors influenced by Kafka's examination of the absurd include Borges, Beckett, Agnon, and Vonnegut to name a few (Sandbank, 1989).
This book is a welcome, refreshing, and erudite piece of work that coherently and creatively integrates many diverse genres of primary and secondary texts from piyyutim, midrash, and the whole corpus of the rabbinic treasury of wisdom to modern Israeli newspapers, classic literary works such as those by Agnon and Coynan Doyle, to pulp fiction and postmodern social media tweets, emails, interviews, and you tube videos.
Elle avait partage cette consecration mondiale avec l'ecrivain juif Shmuel Yosef Agnon.
These brief forays into Yiddish and Hebrew authors like Peretz and Agnon add a bit of spice on the well-worn path of discussing Lasker-Schuler or Arnold Zweigs Das ostjudische Antlitz in the context of Weimar Jewry.
At the Nobel banquet, standing before the King of Sweden and reciting the customary blessing prescribed by the Talmud upon being in the presence of royalty, Agnon declared that he felt compelled to explain who he was and from whence heand his arthad sprung.
At their most effusive, the editors argue that the present moment "roughly resembles the Jewish literary diaspora of a full century ago," the period that brought us Kafka, Agnon, and Babel-and that contained multiple possibilities for fiction besides the postwar realist novel centered on the alienated subject (12).
For his second book, the Bialik Prize for Fine Literature and Jewish Thought, and the Jerusalem Agnon Memorial Prize.
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And in the new markets, the four regions are achieving strong, growth and are contributing to improve our positions," said Agnon.
Amotz Agnon, Geology professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said a major tremor in the near future could "lead to thousands of deaths.