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Noun1.Agonidae - poachers
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Scleroparei, Scleroparei - scorpionfishes; sculpins; gurnards; greenlings; flying gurnards
sea poacher, sea poker, poacher - small slender fish (to 8 inches) with body covered by bony plates; chiefly of deeper northern Pacific waters
Agonus, genus Agonus - type genus of the Agonidae
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N X 7 65 4 O X 2 57 16 Anoplopomatidae Anoplopoma fimbria O X 2 247 10 (Sablefish) HEXAGRAMMIDAE Hexagrammos N X 1 235 decagrammus (Kelp S X 1 220 Greenling) Ophiodon elongatus N X 9 146 167 (Lingcod) S X X 4 181 66 O X X 56 219 29 COTTIDAE Hemilepidotus O X X 5 130 15 spinosus (Brown Irish Lord) Hemilepidotus O X 2 113 16 hemilepidotus (Red Irish Lord) Leptocottus N X X X 169 663 28 armatus (Pacific S X X X 13 168 24 Staghorn Sculpin) O X 3 113 15 Chitonotus O X 3 98 59 pugetensis (Roughback Sculpin) Radulinus O X 5 113 15 asprellus (Slim Sculpin) AGONIDAE Chesnonia N X X X 72 138 24.
Halfbanded rockfish Sebastes semicinctus Pink seaperch Zalembius rosaceus Poachers# Agonidae Pygmy rockfish Sebastes wilsorti Rosethom rockfish# (1) Sebastes helvomaculatus Rosy rockfish# (1) Sebastes rosaceus Splitnose rockfish Sebastes diploproa Squarespot rockfish Sebastes hopkinsi Starry rockfish# (1) Sebastes constellatus Thornyheads# Sebastolobus spp.
For seine and trawl catches, unidentified small flatfish (Pleuronectidae), gadids (Gadidae), pricklebacks (Stichaeidae), and sculpins (Cottidae) were counted in the total catch, but were not considered separate species for species richness calculations because at least one identifiable species from these taxa was captured; unidentified small snailfish and unidentified small poacher were considered separate species because no identifiable species from the families Liparidae and Agonidae were captured.
The families Cottidae (possibly not monophyletic; Smith & Wheeler 2004), Cyclopteridae, Liparidae, Psychrolutidae and Agonidae (also possibly not monophyletic), among others, are included within the suborder Cottoidei.
Lifting behavior may be rare among the Agonidae and is possibly limited to the genus Hypsagonus, since long-term personal observations of captive agonids in eight other genera (Agonopsis, Ocella, Odontopyxis, Bothragonus, Xeneretmus, Agonus, Pallasina, and Anaplagonus) have not revealed any similar behaviors.
Our study identified 34 fish prey to species, one sculpin to genus, Hemilephidotus, and two that could only be identified to family; Gasterosteidae (sticklebacks), and Agonidae (poachers).