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n.1.Contention for a prize; a contest.
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OX40 agonism results in stimulation of both immune effector and memory functions, while also attenuating the immunosuppressive regulatory T cells that are sometimes found in tumours.
London; GH-121371443); Fake Industries Architectural Agonism (New York, Barcelona, and Sydney; GH-5059206475); Haas Cook Zemmrich STUDIO2050 (Stuttgart; GH-76091181); and SMAR Architecture Studio (Madrid and Western Australia; GH-5631681770).
1] receptor agonism is a well-validated mechanism of action for treating cognitive impairment and a valuable pharmacological profile that the pharmaceutical industry has endeavored to create for decades.
Aside from a few brief chases, I saw no agonism among mated birds.
A limitation of this study is that ligand binding does not necessarily indicate agonism of the receptor, leading to transcriptional events.
For her the agon is not simply a means for challenging hegemonic power but "a model for the production and proliferation of values"; and she claims that this "link between agonism and meaning-making" is the dominant theme of her book.
The prescribing information adds: "It also has several other activities including 5-HT3 receptor antagonism and 5-HT1A receptor agonism.
These include purinergic receptor antagonism, TRP channel antagonism, cannabinoid receptor agonism, melatonin modulation and apoptosis-inducing agents.
In Weiner's analysis, the assured progress of a reasonable majority diminishes the uncertainty, agonism, and hybridity of American politics that bubbled and brewed over the course of Madison's career, consistently rousing his critical attention.
Plato's tropes regarding alimentary agonism were benevolent with respect to the moderate man, whose self-restraint freed him "to contemplate and aspire to the knowledge of the unknown, whether in past, present, or future"; but trenchant with respect to the profligate individual, whose soul was "poor and insatiable" and entangled "in a fury of passions and desires" (Rep, IX).
The conceptual clarification draws on such notions as power, violence, world, imperialism, evil and humanity and introduces such new concepts within the international as plurality, action, agonism, natality, political immortality and making.
If we can better understand how these factors influence agonism and the structure of social dynamics, we will be able to better understand the structure of social systems.