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Ag·rip·pi·na 1

 (ăg′rə-pī′nə, -pē′-) Known as "the Elder." 13 bc?-ad 33.
Roman matron and mother of Caligula. She was influential in the struggle for power during the reign of Tiberius.

Ag·rip·pi·na 2

 (ăg′rə-pī′nə, -pē′-) Known as "the Younger." ad 15?-59.
Roman empress. She reportedly murdered her husband, the emperor Claudius, so that her son by a previous marriage, Nero, would become emperor. Nero, distrusting his mother, had her murdered.


1. (Biography) called the Elder. c. 14 bc–33 ad, Roman matron: granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Germanicus, mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger
2. (Biography) called the Younger. 15–59 ad, mother of Nero, who put her to death after he became emperor
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Noun1.Agrippina - wife who poisoned Claudius after her son Nero was declared heir and who was then put to death by NeroAgrippina - wife who poisoned Claudius after her son Nero was declared heir and who was then put to death by Nero
2.Agrippina - granddaughter of Augustus and mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger (14 BC - AD 33)Agrippina - granddaughter of Augustus and mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger (14 BC - AD 33)
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Locusta and Agrippina, living at the same time, were an exception, and proved the determination of providence to effect the entire ruin of the Roman empire, sullied by so many crimes.
By the Agrippina of the play Drusus was mother of the three boys of the play, Nero (not the Emperor), Drusus Junior, and Caligula (later Emperor).
AD54: Roman Emperor Claudius I died after eating poisoned mushrooms as a result of a plot inspired by his wife, the Empress Agrippina.
1626 by the King's Men); Massinger's The Roman Actor (by the same company in 1626); Thomas May's The Tragedy of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt (1626); and May's Tragedy of Julia Agrippina, Empress of Rome (1628).
54, Roman Emperor Claudius I died, poisoned apparently at the behest of his wife, Agrippina.
Claudius is thought to have been poisoned by his wife Agrippina, Nero's mother, to ensure her son's succession before Claudius's own son Britannicus, then only 13, was old enough to be considered.
Before then, though, English Touring Opera is bringing three important Italian baroque operas to the Malvern Festival Theatre, presenting Italian Baroque Opera from Venice, beginning tonight (Thursday) with Handel's Agrippina.
Diane SeedOs Roman Kitchen Dont miss: Viva Voce, Via Del Gianicolo 3, in the Gran Melia Hotel Villa Agrippina A relatively new arrival to the scene, which I was eager to try, as the fame of Michelin starred chef Alfonso Iaccarino and his charming wife Livia (owners of the legendary Don Alfonso, in Sorrento)travels before themE I wasnOt disappointed.
The aristocratic Germanicus, his wife Agrippina, and other characters like Piso, speak the same highly poetic Afrikaans as the common soldiers do.
Roedd y Rhufeiniaid yn arfer ei ddefnyddio fel gwenwyn ac mae'n debyg fod Livia, gwraig yr Ymerawdwr Awgwstws wedi'i ddefnyddio i lofruddio ei gwer, ac fod Agrippina, gwraig yr Ymerawdwr Claudius hefyd wedi'i ddefnyddio i lofruddio pobol nad oedd yn eu hoffi.
15,2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gran Melia Rome Villa Agrippina hotel will open its doors in one of the most exclusive areas of the Eternal City during Easter week 2012.
During the rocky period after the Revolution, when the Bolsheviks were not at all sure that this elitist art form fit into their socialist ideals, Agrippina Vaganova consolidated the Italian, French, and Russian styles into a methodical approach.