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 (ăg′rĭ-to͝or′ĭz′əm) also ag·ro·tour·ism (-rō-)
Tourism in which tourists board at farms or in rural villages and experience farming at close hand.

ag′ri·tour′ist n.


(ˈæɡrɪˌtʊərɪzəm) or


(Commerce) tourism in which customers stay in accommodation on working farms and may have the opportunity to help with farm work
[C20: from agri(culture) + tourism]
ˈagriˌtourist n


agri-tourism [ˌægriˈtʊəˌrɪzəm] ntourisme m vert, agritourisme m
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La Tavola Marche Agriturismo is located in Le Marche, Italy between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, offering a pleasant farm holiday completely submerged in nature, surrounded by picturesque rolling hills and farmland in a truffle-rich valley.
In order to keep their business going Peppino and his family have been forced to diversify, opening their property up to tourists as an agriturismo - a working farm where guests are literally granted a taste of local life.
All of these successes and growth over the past 70 years is what encouraged management to organize a celebratory event at Agriturismo Corte Benedetto in Capannori, Italy.
Andrea in Tuscany, it's a small Agriturismo near Greve in Chianti.
I stayed at an Agriturismo - a farm that also offers accommodation - in this case L'Infinito (www.
Lunch on locally grown seasonal food at the small restaurant San Bernardo Agriturismo (tel: +39 050 937 630), then drive to Collodi, 15 minutes away, and visit the land of the story book character Pinocchio at Pinocchio Park.
In the Piedmont, or Piemonte, thereOs a USD262 package from Alba, that includes two nightsO accommodation at the Agriturismo Bianconiglio (White Rabbit Farm) and a visit to the Marchesi di Barolo winery.
Back at our hotel, Perrotta Agriturismo, a farmhouse surrounded by fruit and olives trees, four-course meals arrived each night.
It overlooked Arezzo, and, since the agriturismo where we were staying is used mainly by Germans, it was clean, orderly, and the filters worked.
Most of the galleries and museums are open all year round and the agriturismo - accommodation in country cottages and farmhouses - usually give off-season discounts.