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 (ăg′rĭ-to͝or′ĭz′əm) also ag·ro·tour·ism (-rō-)
Tourism in which tourists board at farms or in rural villages and experience farming at close hand.

ag′ri·tour′ist n.
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(ˈæɡrɪˌtʊərɪzəm) or


(Commerce) tourism in which customers stay in accommodation on working farms and may have the opportunity to help with farm work
[C20: from agri(culture) + tourism]
ˈagriˌtourist n
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agri-tourism [ˌægriˈtʊəˌrɪzəm] ntourisme m vert, agritourisme m
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Apparently, this 'agriturismo' is a popular holiday or day visit destination for Italians, being a house in the countryside which serves food alongside peace and quiet.
Atzaro Agriturismo in Ibiza Storytelling at a cabin in Alta, Norway Try truffles in Istria, Croatia Jacuzzis inside the Snow Groomer LONG winter months are sometimes difficult to endure, but the promise of short breaks can always relieve the pain.
Feast on traditional Sardinian fare at a family-run agriturismo
From the start, we've been aiming to create a Long Island version of the agriturismo that's so popular in Europe, and has become increasingly prominent in the U.S.
It is an area where many olive trees grow and in Calci there is an 11-hectare estate, the Agriturismo Al Palazzaccio, producing organic olive oil and where you can eat some locally sourced specialities, including a beautiful fresh Pecorino cheese with grape and pepper jam and a wobbly marmalade pannacotta to die for.
Maxon's property had operated as an agriturismo, or a farm that hosts paying guests.
Explore Catalonia on a self-guided cycle break, staying in small hotels and an agriturismo (farmhouse), some of which will be participating in ERG events.
Civitavecchia is the gateway to Rome but, in keeping with our food theme, we opted for an excursion to Il Mandoleto Farm, an agriturismo farmhouse in Tarquinia.
Welcoming children, pets and guests: Towards functional equivalence in the languages of 'Agriturismo' and 'Farmhouse Holidays'.
In order to keep their business going Peppino and his family have been forced to diversify, opening their property up to tourists as an agriturismo - a working farm where guests are literally granted a taste of local life.
All of these successes and growth over the past 70 years is what encouraged management to organize a celebratory event at Agriturismo Corte Benedetto in Capannori, Italy.
From $270 for two people, including a stay at a local agriturismo,