Agropyron smithii

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Noun1.Agropyron smithii - valuable forage grass of western United StatesAgropyron smithii - valuable forage grass of western United States
wheatgrass, wheat-grass - a grass of the genus Agropyron
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Abundance of big sagebrush as well as the common grasses Pun secunda, Agropyron smithii, Koelaria macrantha, Stipa comata and Bouteloua gracilis were approximately equal across the soil types.
Other maximum rooting depths in Nebraska were 1.2 m (3.9 fr) for sideoats grama, 1.2-1.4 m (3.9-4.6 ft) for little bluestem, 1.5-1.7 m (4.9-5.6 ft) for indiangrass [Sorghastnum mutans (L.) Nash], 1.5-2.1 m (4.9-6.9 ft) for big bluestem, 1.8 m (5.9 ft) for blue grama and buffalograss [Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm.], and 1.8-2.4 m (5.9-6.9 ft) for western wheatg rass (Agropyron smithii Rydb.).
Western wheatgrass (Agropyron smithii) proliferated in response to moderate levels of trampling as it shifted from 13.1% of total community in 1999 to becoming the dominant species at 29.6% in spring of 2000.
Two other native grasses, Stipa comata and Agropyron smithii, were present in undisturbed and successional prairie but absent from A.
Among the dominant species noted in a small study area are Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis), Western Wheatgrass (Agropyron smithii), Green Muhly (Muhlenbergia racemosa), Plains Muhly (M.