agua fresca

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a·gua fres·ca

 (ä′gwə frĕs′kə)
n. pl. aguas frescas
A drink of Mexican origin made with puréed fruit, water, and sugar.

[Spanish : agua, water (from Latin aqua; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots) + fresca, feminine of fresco, cool, fresh (of Germanic origin).]
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You can get an avocado and feta Sonora salad (corn & black bean salsa, organic spelt & mixed leaves, served in a tortilla bowl) with an Agua Fresca drink for just PS8.
In Mexico, Blanco said, people enjoy their meals with pitchers of agua fresca. I make them every day in my house.
Simmoms & Narayan (1997) tal como Post & Kooi (2003) realizaram uma consideracao para um perfil poroso com agua salinizada no topo e agua fresca na parte inferior e observaram a tendencia de formacao de fingers que, conforme descrito por Mariano et al.
Gibson's colorful Delicioso line of tabletop and kitchenware - including lime squeezers, comals, calderos, tamale steamers, a mortar and pestle, agua fresca jug, plus mojito and margarita glasses - will be showcased on Univision's "Delicioso" television segments, which feature cooking demonstrations and recipes by celebrity chef, author and restaurateur Ingrid Hoffmann.
The multipurpose collection, which is targeted at mid-to upper-tier retail channels, includes kitchen prep items such as a lime squeezer, mortar and pestle, cutlery and wooden utensils; cookware such as comales griddles, calderos pots, fry pans, tamale steamers, pressure cookers and a tortilla press; serveware; melamine and ceramic dinnerware; and specialty drinkware like an agua fresca jug, mojito, margarita and other specialty beverage pitchers and glassware.