bing cherry

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Bing cherry

A variety of sweet cherry with juicy, deep red to nearly black fruit.

[After Ah Bing, Chinese-born horticulturalist who helped develop the variety at an Oregon nursery in the 1870s.]
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Noun1.Bing cherry - dark red or blackish sweet cherrybing cherry - dark red or blackish sweet cherry  
black cherry, sweet cherry - any of several fruits of cultivated cherry trees that have sweet flesh
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the customer would grumble without looking at Ah Bing, carefully flipping the pork chops on the board with his fingers.
Inverness Sheriff Court heard how Ah Bing Zheng, Wan Yue Lin and Bo Chen were arrested during a raid on a former US navy base at West Murkle, Caithness, in March.
Ah Bing Zheng, 31, admitted producing the class B drug.